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Based in Derbyshire, Carla works with a number of gifted musicians in different bands, bringing dynamic and fun-filled gigs to the audience. Carla's sets span a wide range of musical styles, from blues to Cuban, zydeco to country, jazz to contemporary pop. 

theblueshiftA six-piece piano and saxophone-led band. The Blue Shift specialises in blues and soul, interspersed with quirky cabaret-style numbers.

Carla Burchell · Cate Wray · Mark Wroe · Nick Wray · Nicky Parnell · Paul Squires

paulandcarla1Play a mixture of acoustic blues, Cuban, country, and rock songs. An entertaining duo who like to send their audience home singing.

Carla Burchell · Paul Evans


Melodic acoustic guitar blends with cajon and percussion. Carla sings jazzy blues, country, and Cuban ballads.

Alastair Campbell · Carla Burchell · Stuart Wood


Zydeco and Rock&Roll sit side by side in this high-energy band. Zydeco melodeon and saxophone perfectly compliment each other.

Carla Burchell · George Silk · Jim Jeffery · Mark  Wroe · Nicky Parnell · Sue Jeffery

Carla grew up in a house filled with music. She always enjoyed singing, but it wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she first picked up a cajun accordion and fell in love with the instrument.

Chris Hall (R. Cajun and the Zydeco Brothers) took Carla under his wing and taught her to play. She joined her first band not long after.

This was HottBoxx who still play together today, bringing fun-filled zydeco and rock & roll to their audience. HottBoxx also introduced Carla to the blues, which now forms the foundation of her repertoire.

Carla was then asked to join The Blue Shift, a six-piece piano and saxophone-led band playing blues, soul, and quirky cabaret-style numbers enhanced by cello and violin.

Carla also frequently works with the guitarist Paul Evans in an acoustic duo. Their sets feature blues, country, and Cuban, including two wonderful boleros borrowed from The Buena Vista Social Club.

In addition to her work with the two bands and Paul, Carla also leads an acoustic three-piece, The Broadcasters. Carla’s vocals are supported by melodic guitar and cajon. Hispanic songs, ragtime, blues, and pop songs appear in their set.

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CDs are available exclusively at the gigs.